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What happens if you go around the world and make free balloon hats for everyone you meet? What can it teach us about  human nature? Balloon artist Addi Somekh and photographer Charlie Eckert set out    to answer these questions when they embarked on a worldwide tour, traveling to 34 countries while twisting more than 100, 000 balloons This site is a compilation of the photos, stories and videos of the people they met on the road. Home Top Gallery What Is Laughing? Trips Central America Europe, Scandinavia & Russia Africa East Asia India The Balkans and Middle East USA and Canada Brazil and Amazon Jungle Stories Videos Abstracts Book/Prints Bio / Contact.


What is this Movie? A Little Background Watch Some Clips Check for Screenings Stories from the Road Your Thoughts Read Press Get DVD/Contact Us. Balloon hat. Balloon hat making. BALLOONHAT REVIEWED FILM THREAT... "All the locations featured in “Balloonhat” make this an astounding, emotional documentary, one of the best we’ll see in this decade and the best of any decade. " Link to Review The BBC... "The most touching picture [at Filmstock] is A. G. Vermouth's Balloonhat. " ROME INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL... Nominated for 2006 Best American Documentary DURANGO INDEPENDENT 2006 Best Feature Documentary MAINE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL... 2006 "Best of the Fest" traveling series SANTA FE FILM FESTIVAL... 2005 Creative Spirit Award for best art genre documentary ARTVOICE... "I loved this movie!... You won't believe how brilliant it is until you see some of their photos. " FILM EXPOSED (London)... "Vermouth’s skilful telling of Somekh and Eckert’s unique story through the most gorgeous images will put a lasting smile on the face of all who see it. "

YouTube. Balloon hat graphics. Learning how to make fun hats out of balloons is a special skill that you can share with both the kids and adults in your life. It brings smiles to many young faces, and balloon hats are something that both kids and adults enjoy. Once you've learned how to make balloon hats, offer up your skills at parties, street fairs, school nights, picnics, or just during a Saturday morning playdate. Start the process by shaping basic hats and, after some practice, move up to fancy crowns, jester hats, and even a funky flower hat. Wayne Kawamoto You have to start somewhere, and it might as well be with the foundation for all balloon hats. This basic balloon hat only requires one balloon and three simple twists, though you will need to learn how to do a basic balloon twist first. Once you learn to make this balloon hat, you can move on to more complicated matters. After the basic balloon hat, try making a balloon helmet, which requires just two more quick twists. This hat looks more finished, and you can still quickly make these when you have lots of people who want them. Like the basic balloon hat, this one forms a foundation for fancier hats. By simply adding balloons, you can dress this one up in many fun ways. This colorful flower hat is a guaranteed hit at any party, especially outdoor spring and summer events. It combines a basic hat with a flower balloon, so by learning it, you're actually figuring out how to make three different pieces of balloon art. If someone doesn't want a hat, you could offer them up a balloon flower instead. While you will probably need a good number of green balloons for the stem, as well as traditional flower colors, like pink, red, or purple, for the petals. When you're ready to really show off your balloon-twisting skills, try making a crown. You will need a solid understanding of basic balloon-twisting, including a pinch twist, before attempting a balloon crown. Perfect for a little prince or princess, this cute crown will make a kid feel extra-special—and you'll probably be swarmed with kids who want one, too. It’s also great for an adult who’s celebrating a birthday or a promotion. Continue to 5 of 6 below. If everyone wants a crown, the guest of honor deserves one that's a little extra special. Adding one more balloon to the basic crown creates a version that's fit for a king or queen. Though it looks complicated, it's not—just a few twists and pinches and you're done. You will find it very helpful to have mastered the classic dog balloon first, though. With two balloons and the helmet in your balloon art experience, you can create a great-looking jester hat. It even has the bouncy tassels! This one is more challenging to make and a bit touchier when it comes to fitting, but it's worth the extra balloon and effort to learn how to make.

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User Score Overview A couple of eccentric Americans try to bring joy to the world in the form of the balloon hats they make in this touching and critically acclaimed documentary. Balloon twister Addi Somekh uses the visions of shapes and colors he sees streaming from people's heads to make his elaborate creations. When he meets photographer Charlie Eckert, the two decide to travel the globe in an effort to counteract the constant barrage of negative media images. Featured Crew We don't have any crew added to this movie. You can help by adding some!

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Here’s the fundamental, easiest hat to make from balloons. You can make these quickly and this basic hat is useful when you have to make a lot of hats in a short amount of time. These hats are great for kid parties or any event with children (street fairs, block parties, school nights, church bazaars, picnics, etc. ). The Beginning of More Balloon Hats This balloon hat acts as a base or foundation upon which you can add more balloons and construct fancier, more detailed hats. This hat also acts as a foundation for more detailed (and frankly, more attractive) balloon hats such as the helmet and detailed helmet. Also, you can add another balloon to dress this hat up. This is the case with the flower balloon hat. You'll find an entire collection of balloon hats that you can learn to make. To make the balloon hat, you’ll need to have mastered the basic twist (if you want a slightly cleaner look, you may apply a pinch twist instead). Materials: 260 balloon (choose the color) Continue to 2 of 5 below. Inflate the balloon to almost the end leaving a quarter-inch tip. Continue to 3 of 5 below. Starting at the knot end of the balloon, make a small basic twist about an inch long. If you like, you may substitute pinch twist if you wish. The pinch twist allows for a cleaner, more finished appearance. Continue to 4 of 5 below. Take the small basic twist that you just made and create a loop with the balloon. You’re aiming to create a loop that is the size of the person’s head so it may be worn. Some balloon twisting professionals take the balloon and physically wrap it around the head of the person to measure its size and adjust the loop of the balloon. Others simply estimate by sight and make adjustments later. Since this is an easy balloon hat to make, it’s very easy to make adjustments by simply undoing the balloon and re-twisting. However, as you learn to make more sophisticated balloon hats, you’ll need to have a good estimate of a person’s head size as it becomes more difficult to make adjustments when the sculpture is complete. Continue to 5 of 5 below. Twist the basic twist onto the rest of the balloon and lock it in with a few turns. The result will be a balloon hat (a loop) with the end of the balloon standing straight up. If you like, you can also allow the “tail” to lean back for a Davy Crockett-style “coon skin” cap. Hats Are Made for Events Balloon hats add lots of color and fun to any event. When you make balloon hats, people begin to wear them and you'll be able to look out onto a crowd and see your handiwork everywhere that adds a festive feel. As you become more experienced, you will no doubt want to expand the types of hats that you can make. There are many hats and variations that may be constructed using this basic hat as a foundation. Once you make the basic balloon, you can keep adding more balloons and elements until your hat gets taller and more elaborate.
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Balloon hat clip art. Balloon hat book. Balloon hat tutorial. Sinop, Turkey Travel tip no. 84: Always bring round balloons when visiting another culture. They are easy to carry (and can double as a pillow), easy to inflate (you don’t need a pump), and are an easy means of making new friends. A round balloon is a simple tool for creating a potentially powerful bond.
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